Consultations are by appointment only.

Exceptionally, if no appointment is possible during regular hours, an appointment may be set outside of opening hours.

– 18,000 ¥ if you have an international insurance.

– 12,000 ¥ if you only have the Japanese social security or if your international insurance does not cover osteopathy.

The office does not have the equipment to pay by credit card. It is currently only possible to pay by cash.

Osteopathic care are not reimbursed by social security in Japan, however, they are by most of the mutual and private insurance. The height and number of available refunds each year vary from insurance. At the end of the session, a certificate will be given in order to get a refund.

Length of session:
A session usually lasts about 75 minutes.

If you are late, unfortunately the duration of your session will be shortened.

Cancellation or change of appointment:
If you must cancel or move your appointment, please contact the office as soon as possible, ideally at least 24 hours in advance.