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Yoann Rocheteau

yoann rocheteau

Yoann ROCHETEAU was born in 1984 in western France (Saint Nazaire). He graduated in 2010, from the “Institut des Hautes Etudes Ostéopathiques” in Nantes, France. This institution is accredited by the Ministry of Health, Youth and Sports and is a member of the Great Schools of Osteopathy. These institutions require a course of five years of study minimum.

He then did home treatment in France and Japan for 7 months before opening his own office in Shinjiuku where he worked for 4 years. Since April 2015, he opened the Tokyo Paramedi center at Yoyogi, where he consults now.

Yoann specialized in pediatric, gynecological and perinatal osteopathy but receives all kinds of patients, including top athletes.

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